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Booking: To complete your booking, please fill in the form below at least 7 days before the event date so that we have all the necessary information to host your event. Once we have received the form, you will be sent an email confirming the booking. This will include all the instructions for your virtual event.  

Event Trials / test sessions: We recommend a test run for large events to ensure connections and sound are tested prior to the event. Each test is priced at £25/test and if you would like to book one, please indicate below.  The dance teacher will also be online 10 minutes before each event start time to test the sound and connection (if possible).

Virtual Connection: We can host your event via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google.  We may be ale to connect via other methods, so do check this with us.  Virtual events work best when we are able to control the sound i.e. mute participants etc, so please ensure that the dance teacher is provided with the correct access / hosting permissions.

Gifts / Extras: We can provide Bollywood goody bags (£5/person) or Coin belts for costumes (£5/person) for all participants prior or post the event.  Please get in touch to discuss further.

Payment:  We will send you an invoice and so please do include any information you would like us to show on our invoice, when booking below.

Responsibility & Risk: Please see a link to our risk assessment below and should you have one for your company, please do send this through to us.  There should be enough space on the day for all the participants to be able to move without causing injury to themselves or anyone else and the floor should not be slippery.  We would advise participants to dance bare feet, but if this is not possible (due to floor/outdoor conditions), comfortable shoes like trainers should be worn.  

See our Risk Assessment

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